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President's Corner

Letter from the Eden Alumni Board of Directors

Greetings Fellow Alumni,

Over the last few years several of the regular and original members of the Alumni Board of Directors have moved away or passed on leaving large and unfilled holes in the Alumni Society. While serving the board, they provided the knowledge and continuity necessary to maintain a strong and vibrant organization and we have and will miss their leadership and continual participation.

We’d like to again acknowledge and thank Carol DeBoi Nehring (‘55), Nelson Nehring (‘54), Margaret (Peggy) Sherman Frantz (’52), Debara Sherman Sargent (’56), Stefanie LaMastra Stayoch (’91), Gary Nobbs (’59), and of course Jack Smith (’49). That being said, during the last year or so we have added some new board members with fresh energy and vigor: Judy Striebich (’69), George (Skip) Ehrhart (’69), Cindy Neifer Longbine (’78), Suzanne Almendinger Krycia (’72), Lisa Almendinger Summar (’77), Dorothy (Dottie) Enser Bauer (’66) and Wayne Schacher (’67). The addition of these people, with their youth, vitality and ambition have already instilled some excitement and renewed energy in the board of directors. There is always room for more helping hands, and folks who would like to participate on the board, as well as assist our events, with our mailings and correspondence efforts – so please don’t be shy! Come and join us!

Just this summer, Wayne returned to Eden from spending his career years in Tennessee. When asked why he returned he said that he missed Eden and he was tired of the heat and humidity in Tennessee. Well the heat problem certainly has been eliminated with the -25 degree wind chills this winter and the humidity is standing 12 to 14 inches deep in your driveway. Welcome home Wayne.

Last Alumni Weekend we tried something new for the Saturday night dinner. Unfortunately it didn’t work out as we had hoped. We took your feedback and learning from the experience and will be going back to the family style dinner served on the tables as in years past. We hope you will be forgiving and join us again this coming summer. Where else can you spend time with so many of your old friends and classmates as we do at the Alumni Weekend events? I know you enjoy it as much as I do.

Plan to join us in the Legion Barn after the Saturday dinner, as we have been doing the past two years. You will have a nearby place to go to enjoy further conversations, music and dancing, if you so desire, without having to leave Eden. We will have a cash bar, munchies, a dance floor and music provided by a DJ. Maybe we will even mix it up with a bit of Karaoke! Any wannabe starlets out there? It will be free if you attend the dinner or $10.00 if you plan to skip the dinner and just join us.

As with most small organizations, money is a continual pressure. We are always able to pay our bills and continue publishing the Alumnews and the Spring Newsletter, but it becomes harder and harder each year.

Due to the rising costs of nearly everything, especially the Alumnews, we are initiating a delinquent dues campaign. Letters are being sent to all those not current with their dues and unlike previous years, we will not send the Alumnews to anyone with an unpaid status. Please make every effort to stay current. The year your dues will expire is printed after your name on the Alumnews envelope. You can also e-mail us for that information ( or call 716-992-4529. You will notice we increased the number of ads in the back of the Alumnews to help defray the cost of the book.

Because of your continued support and financial contributions, we have one of the best and most active Alumni Associations in the area, if not the nation. Our scholarship program provides more local funds to Eden graduates than any other organization and our Sports Hall of Fame has been and continues to be a very successful program. Plan on joining us for the Alumni Weekend as there will be an induction ceremony again this year.

In addition to recognizing our athletes, at the suggestion of Sandra Anzalone (the new and current Eden School Superintendent), we are considering managing a program to honor those from our school who have excelled in other avenues of life such as the arts, music, scholastics, government, services, and any other vocation recognized with a level of achievement. To effectively produce this type of program, we will need participation from both the school and our membership. Please let us know if this is something that would interest you as we move forward.

Several years ago we established an Endowment Fund which has been supported primarily by the proceeds from the Alumni Walls in front of the Elementary School on Main Street and donations from our members. Our hope is that someday the interest income from this fund will provide more scholarships. As of August 31, 2013, the end of our fiscal year, the fund has reached a total of $19,670.12. With the interest rates as low as they are, it’s obvious that there needs to be a large infusion of cash before we can realize the hope of funding scholarships from this endowment. We hope we can continue to count on your financial support in years to come.

Lastly, as part of aligning with our core mission to provide scholarships for graduating students of Eden Schools, we have started a Legacy Fund. Our hope is that some of our members will designate a portion of their estate to the Eden Alumni Association through their will or trust as a bequest. Please contact us for further information.

In closing, we look forward to another year of accomplishment and camaraderie with fellow classmates! Again, we thank you for your financial support ensuring the continued success of our scholarship program and will see you all at our Alumni Weekend of 2014!

Members of the Eden Alumni Society Board